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 Introducing REACH Academy Online
Since 2003, we have booked over 25,000 stages and over $40 million in stage related revenues.  

Name any type of stage or any way to make money leveraging the stage...we've sold it and we've done it.

It doesn't matter if it's a main stage keynote at a national conference, a featured session, breakout/workshop, online summit or podcast...we've researched, marketed, booked, and sold it.

So earlier this year, we cobbled together ALL of our knowledge around stages and found there are really 5 things you need to have a successful speaking business:
  • REVENUES - So many great messages die because there isn't enough revenues to keep the business afloat.  There is no shortage of passion, but if the business model isn't in place then you can't keep the doors open.  To have more REACH you have to have more REVENUES.
  • ENGAGEMENT - Once you have your business model solidified and proven, how do you engage your audience?  And, did you know there are 2 audiences?   There are CUSTOMERS (those that will consume your product/service) and there are BUYERS (those that make the decision to put you in front of their audiences).  How do you engage those audiences with unstoppable marketing and lead generation strategies?  
  • ASSETS - Assets are simply the TEAM, TOOLS, & TECHNOLOGY you use in your business.  Team can be in the office, vendors, virtual assistants, contractors, etc.  Tools are promotional items (video, brochure, web, white papers, marketing materials, etc) that you can use to help get on stages and serve more people.  Technology would be your website, CRM, email system, Social Media, etc.  
  • COMMUNICATION - Being a paid, professional speaker is about more than a powerful message.  However, the method in which you communicate can make all the difference in growing your business, making a lasting impact, and even getting invited to speak again.  
  • HUSTLE - When you have your message down, the assets you need, the marketing strategies, the business model, you have to get to work!  That's where the HUSTLE comes in.  We show you what to do, when to do it, and what to do next.
"REACH Academy Online is the comprehensive approach to building a successful speaker business."
If you want to use stages to grow your business, you need REACH Academy Online.

It's comprised of 6 modules and over 100 videos, that cover the 5-step R.E.A.C.H. framework.

The course is entirely self-paced, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want.  Most students take 30-60 days to complete the course.  

And by the time you're done, you will have a workable business model to take into 2017 and grow like never before. 
Here's what you get inside REACH Academy Online:
MODULE 1: Revenues (Stage)
  • How to leverage online and offline stages
  • Understanding the size of your market (corporate, education, etc)
  • 5 Types of revenue-generating stages
  • And more...
MODULE 2: Revenues (Scale)
  • The 8 ways to scale past the stage
  • How to increase the value of each stage
  • How to outline your first or next course
  • And more...
MODULE 3: Engagement 
  • The Bread & Butter Growth Formula ("one-to-many" strategy)
  • How to build your dream stage list (deep-dive into how to research correctly)
  • The Unstoppable Stage Campaign (10-step campaign to get on any stage)
  • And more...
MODULE 4: Assets 
  • Low/no cost hires to make (so you're not out of pocket)
  • How to grow a speaker team (to significantly grow your vision)
  • The power of a Lead Generator to grow your list
  • And more...
MODULE 5: Communication 
  • How to leverage the Hero's Journey
  • The power of the Story Braid
  • How to "sell" every time you speak
  • And more...
MODULE 6: Hustle Plans 
  • How to outline your signature talk
  • How to find (and increase) the value of your stages
  • How to make money using stages
  • And many, many more execution plans...
"Invest in yourself and your business, and make 2017 your best year ever."
So join hundreds of others inside REACH Academy Online.  

If you don't do anything different in 2017, then it will look a whole lot like 2016. 

And, I'm guessing you want 2017 to be different.

I'm guessing you want to reach MORE with your message.

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